JM Willis’ Cakes & baked Goodies LLC, BAHRAIN - Concept Interiors
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JM Willis’ Cakes & baked Goodies LLC, BAHRAIN

We are thrilled to expand our designs overseas that are created and influenced by the colors, brand identity, and creativity. It was such an amazing experience to be able to work with an internationally based company to expand our creativity that will cater to a different audience.
The look and feel of the place play a major role to attract more people to the shop, which will eventually translate into purchases.
The color scheme is picked with shades of pink mixed with a base grey that represents the brand identity inspired by their logo and the nature of the food which is always made in colorful.
The ambiance is created in a way to focus more on the home-made bakery items nicely displayed on decorative continuous display units while circulating the customers for purchasing the items and into the dining areas while emphasizing the luxury look of the interior.
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